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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  March 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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@traveling.he just did not want a wife and @kids he said he wanted to do the @single thing. @>> reporter: police say fur- @get-me-not met the victim to a @app, the two communicated for @months. @a week ago she her home in missouri. @police now believe eric @shotwell picked her up then @brought to back to ohio over @the weekend. @the tip may have come from the @teenager, was able to call @home. bors say they @saw a girl. @>> he had a couple of @girlfriends in and out, they @were older. @>> reporter: downstairs of the @windows appear to be covered @with cardboard in a well @groomed home on a street. oking into @weather -- police are looking @into whether it may be another @victim and also talking to the @roommate of eric shotwell. @ cleveland police officer on @the wrong side of the law
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@the incident involving a a @female acquaintance was @reported this morning and @happened while he was off duty. @he is relieved of pay pending the investigation. @ foul play is now suspected @in the death of a man was body @ended up in a landfill after a @country concert. @an investigation by officials @led them to @incapacitated or killed cory @barron and then dumped him into @the trap shoot at progressive @field. been suspected that cory @barron fell to the shoot @previously, he was last seen @alive at the jason aldean @concert. @police confirmed his body was @first in a dumpster underneath @the stadium, his tually found in a landfill. @his family is now offering a @$10,000 reward for any
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@arrest.suspect behind bars @in connection to the murder of @a five month old baby. @police say charles caldwell @turned himself in. @avaiellle wakefield was shot in @a car on the east side last @october. @charles caldwell is the third @suspect arrested in her murder. @in december 2 other men were yahoga county is on track @to have its highest opiate @death toll ever.s the reason. @monica robins joins us to talk @about the spike and a new @recovery house. @>> reporter: 13 deaths in five @days from , @, it is causing serious concern @to those fighting the epidemic @and wild the battle rages there
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@addiction. @recovery resources open the @monarch house six months ago. @it is a sober living house for @women recovering from @addiction. @it is secret because money have domestic @violence and trauma. @it is one of the very few @houses that will accept women @with opiate addiction. @the women learn how to live @life on their own. @>> they never thought they possible. @all you have to do is work hard. @we have so got to keep that hope @alive that there is a better @way. @there is a have to have that faith @that you can do the home is run @by recovery resources that @helps women with treatment as @well as education. @there is no time frame on how @long one can stay as long as a @stay sober and continue in @treatment.
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@months four have graduated. @ in east cleveland mother @will receive $27,000 after the @shocking video showed her son @former principal dragging him @through a hallway. @the east cleveland school @district has approved the @settlement. @the woman filed a a lawsuit in @july. @she says the principle grabbed @and tracked her eight year old @son following a fight with a @classmate. @the principal was placed on @leave but later resigned from @the district. @ more republicans are @discussing a contested @convention between donald trump @and ted cruz. @mitt romney is voting for ted @cruz in the utah primary. @tom barrett is here to sort out @all of the latest. @it gets kind of confusing @because mitt romney was the
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@ohio. @>> well, that was monday. @today he has come to the @conclusion that they vote for @john kasich will make it more @likely that donald trump will @have a clear path to the @election. @he says a vote for ted cruz @would force a contested @convention. @all of the anti-trumpet forces @are working to make that @happen. @in the meantime the john kasich @campaign says mid- ronnie's is @getting bad advice. @>> interesting, many @republicans are condemning @donald trump for his warning of @the riots in clark cleveland. @where are we at on that? @>> more republicans of speaking @out and calling him to task on @it. @governor john kasich calling it
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@paul ryan is going to be @cheering the convention and @said no one should say @something that irresponsible. @chris christie claiming donald @trump did not mean riots @literally. @but i don't think he meant a @laugh riot. @>> kind of interesting @verbiage. @here at home some people are @protesting how the city is @handling all of this. @what is in their thought? @>> we are hearing from the @several -- we are hearing from @the civil liberties union @saying that the public deserves @a say in what kind of gear the @city buy arguing that antiriot @equipment is too dangerous, @demands the city agreed to @mothball any military equipment @it gets after it uses it in the @convention. @there will be a protest on all @of this monday at city hall. @>> they have been preparing for @protest as you would for any @convention. @what they decide on this, does
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@protesters will be? @>> there will be protesters @from both sides but we know @there will be a lot of anger @around the convention. @>> thank you very much. @as the fur-get-me-not comes @closer projects around cleveland @are continuing to take shape. @we have @a look at the changes inside of @the square. @>> reporter: there is only one @show going on during the rnc @and that is "steel magnolias" @but the rnc did contract of the @entire rest of the first @facility. @>> everything has been redone. @>> reporter: the playhouse @square has been delighting @audiences for many years. @with the recent renovations @they are hoping to move @aesthetics to the top of the @list. @they have repainted, added @decorations, and redone the @restrooms.
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@bringing everyone in with his @throwback a vintage @architecture. @>> he was one of the best @architects in the 20s. @we are putting back one of his @original pieces that was @destroyed in 1965. @what we are doing is @unprecedented. @>> reporter: the ceiling @filled with he had sculpted @pieces was molded and painted @this month. @30 feet above the ground, a @true work of art. @now work moves to 8 columns, @two fireplaces, and three giant @murals, all on track to be @completed by may 19th. @>> we are ready.
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@service that people need. @we are going to -- we were @going to do these renovations @anyway. @>> reporter: next on the list @is improving some of the @seating in the balcony. @they have a couple other @projects as well. @it is all part of their @advancing the legacy campaign, @which they got about $70 @million of their goal. @back to @you. @ each year thousands of @animals are abandoned in ohio @searching for a good home. @that is why we have partnered @with the animal protectively to @find a home. @we @are live tonight where's the @fur-get-me-not is taking place. @>> reporter: thank you, we are @here totally live for the fur- @get-me-not telethon. @we are running out of time. @our wonderful friends are
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@is on the phone right now. @please, pick up the phone and @call. @there are so many animals that @need your help. @100% of your donations fuel the @health. @>> this little guy owner's @died. @so, he and his friends came to @us and donations are what allow @us to give these dogs a second @chance. @>> reporter: the average @animal that comes in costs @about $300 to care for before @you find him a forever home. @>> that is correct, if they @need more the cost goes up from @there. @>> reporter: our friends have @called and said they are so @motivated right now. @he is going to match every @donation now until 7:00 up to @$1000 people. @so please @call now, we will send it back @to you in the studio. @these phones have got to keep @ringing.
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@ there is a story that went @between my brother and i about @a little girl that used to come @play with us. @>> next, we will reveal why @this brother and sister's @childhood friend is getting @national attention. @ may be go start watching @but facebook instead, find out @how the popular social sites @seems to know what you want and @need. @ we have a tug of war, is it @spring, is it winter? @i have all the details you need @to know to plan out your
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@ @ coming up at 7:00 of @bicycles are helping scientists @figure out why the ohio suburbs @are colder than city @neighborhoods. @plus, the reason if you want @local movie theaters are @banning kids under six years @old from certain movies. @ good afternoon a dramatic
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@attacks suspect. @we will tell you how some @patients are sabotaging their @cancer secret by taking dietary @supplements when we see you @tonight. @-- we will tell you how some @patients are sabotaging their @cancer treatments by taking @dietary supplements, when we
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@ it is considered to be the @and it is in cleveland. @for the first time a camera crew @went inside to find out or what @haunts this 19th century castle. @brandon simmons gives us a @preview of paranormal lockdown. @>> reporter: sitting at the @corner of franklin on the west @side, with padlocks keeping @visitors away is franklin @castle. @people walking by @know about its history. @>> this is one of the most @haunted places in ohio. @i have heard stories that the @ghosts have been in the @windows. @there is a lady that walks @around in there i have never @actually seen anything. @>> reporter: the stories have @peaked the interest of @investigators from paranormal @lockdown. @they spent three days inside
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@activity, even tracking down old @residents who played with the @mysterious little girl inside. @>> there was a story about the @little girl that used to play @with us. @my brother was going to go get @her. @>> i remember seeing her. @she was crying. @>> reporter: that little girl @died in more than 100 years ago @and haunts the house to this @day. @there is no shortage of keeping @his inside of the home. @but, he says he is not @convinced. @>> i have got to see it to @believe it. @nothing to believe yet. @>> reporter: in cleveland, @brandon simmons. @>> if you are hunting for the @truth and you don't mind the @spirits of the castle is being @renovated into three living @spaces. @paranormal lockdown will air @tonight. @ if you have ever gotten the
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@personally you are too far off. @the social network is a @watching and tracking your @moves. @facebook has all the rhythms @tracking what you like, what @you watch and what you click @on. @that information is then passed @on to facebook's advertisers. @if it is a too a too big brother @from you you can stop them, we @have listed the ways right now @on @ good to work with you @tonight. @>> i almost said good morning. @>> friday night everyone is @looking towards the weekend. @today all of the sunshine was @here. @>> we have some beautiful views @of this evening, partly cloudy @skies and the temperatures
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@the good news is it is going to @be kind of a two cited weekend. @i think you will enjoy the @saturday forecast but the @sunday forecast we will have to @watch because we have snow @moving in. @right now on radar it looks @quiet. @the wind is pulling in that @cooler air. @we had a front comes through @and it is continuing to come @towards the south and that will @change things for us overnight. @right now the moisture is over @the lake but not really crossing @over and making it on shore. @we will stay dry tonight. @it looks like the cooler @temperatures will stay around, @not only for tonight but we are @dealing with wind so a little @bit of a wind chill at this @hour. @here is the big picture. @we are counting down to spring @time efficiently beginning on @sunday but before we get there @we will have a nice reminder of @winter as well as a little bit @of weekend the snow that is @coming our way.
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@middle 20s for most, closer to @30 downtown but, wrap an extra @blanket because it is going to @be chilly. @partly cloudy skies for the @early morning on your saturday. @at 7:00 we are still dry, we @look good into the afternoon. @clouds will take over later in @the day. @the wind will hold the @temperatures down tomorrow. @you will see snow begin to move @in from south to north, light @showers are possible so that @will mix in with a little bit @of rain later in the afternoon. @it will not be a lot of @accumulation, it will be well @under an inch for many. @so, the seven-day forecast @looks to be a pretty positive @one for us. @we have to get over this hurdle @and finish of these last couple @of days of winter. @on sunday we have a snow @possibility moving in, the
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@sunday. @monday and tuesday we get they @returned of the sunshine but the @wind will keep us in a chill. @the tug of war is still in @effect by tuesday as we are @back into the 50s. @with 60. @a couple of more weeks of this. @ coming up the cleveland @browns head west to check out a @potential quarterback. @but they did after the practice @that has a lot of people @talking. @ we have a live look at the @fur-get-me-not telethon. @you can call now, just call the @number on your screen. @look at those faces.
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@ @ we are still looking for @that quarterback. @>> we have been doing that @since 1999. @we still have not found him but @perhaps the browns have. @they went it -- they headed @west to check out a potential @quarterback today.
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@professional day to meet jerad @eickhoff. @after the workout the @quarterback coach had a request @for him. @he put the football in water @and had him make some throws. @if you are going to play in bad @weather it goes with the @territory. @the request was a surprise for @the kid, who usually plays in @bright sunshine. @>> ii did not know that was @coming. @i had a feeling they might to @some working with me but i did @not know that was coming. @>> the browns sent out a press @release saying cornerback joe @haden has undergone surgery on @his left ankle. @the procedure happened @yesterday. @he was injured against arizona. @the browns say he should be @ready for the start of the @regular season. @ the boys states surmise @continue today in columbus.
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@michael oliver with a drive to @the hoop. @he had 5 points. @they turn it on and score 30 @points. @cornerstone christian was the @winner today over columbus. @the state title game is @tomorrow morning cornerstone @kristin will try to win their @first ever state title in their @first ever trip. @ the cavaliers hit the road @for a game with the magic @tonight. @it will be interesting to see @how they play over the next @week. @the cavaliers beat dallas @without lebron james, who set @out to rest. @the head coach says everyone @will play in the back to back
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@the cavaliers have won 13 @straight over the magic. @kevin love didn't miss @shootaround today because he @was feeling other the weather. @but he is expected to play @tonight. @ we are right in the middle @of march madness. @some crazy things happening @today. @michigan state and middle @tennessee. @the coach telling his team, you @have got this. @2nd half middle tennessee with @the three-point shot. @less than 45 seconds to go. @michigan pressing. @reggie upshaw with that the jam @and the foul, he had 21 points. @how about this, middle @tennessee upset that michigan @state 90-81. @syracuse and dayton. @jim baker time enjoying his @teams outside shooting today. @this three-pointer was part of @the big day of richardson. @syracuse with a big win over @dayton. @ great news for northeast @ohio as a couple of athletes @qualify for the olympics. @jason prior will compete in the @sport of fencing. @he qualified a few hours ago in @budapest, hungary. @his father called us to share
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@congratulations. @last night we told you about @charles conwell who is also @heading to the summer games. @the box are qualified at a @tournament in argentina. @he told us he is really excited @to represent the team. @good luck to him as well. @at7:00.
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breaking news tonight. one of the most wanted terrorists in the world captured. the only surviving plotter from the paris massacre taken alive in a dramatic raid in brussels. tonight how they found him and what he can tell investigators. spring snow storm. a big nor'easter bearing down on millions right as things are supposed to be warming up. targeting trump. mitt romney's big announcement as he tries to derail the front-runner. also a scare for trump's family. threats to his children. dangerous mix, the new warning about a spike in patients unknowingly sabotaging their own life-saving treatment because of something they don't tell their doctor.


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